Your website as a point of Contact

With over 266,000 users in North America alone on the internet a website is an essential features for any business or professional. Whether it be a local or global scope the web has become what yellow pages was two decades ago, a medium for contact. Unlike the print medium, a contact page provides more than the information for clients to contact you, but a means for them to provide feedback about your services and place for commentary.

In conjunction with your email address and/or business phone number a contact page can provide a “contact form”. These forms may be tailored to individual requests as to what fields one requires but general contain a “Name”, “Message”, and means to contact the individual in return. Below is a typical form GreenThumbWebsites provides for your website:

Contact Us

Each page of your WordPress website has the capability for questions and comments. Contact information is not inclusively restricted to a contact page but can be posted at the footer of the website or in a sidebar where it is more readily visible.

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