Personalizing your Homepage

The homepage is one of the most important aspects of any good website or blog. It is the first impression a visitor receives after entering the website’s URL into the address bar or  a search engine like Google. Designing an attractive and user friendly interface for a business or individual therefore is paramount to project an image of yourself and services. GreenThumbWebsites realizes the importance of good design by adhering to web standards (HTML 5) while attending to the user design experience.

All GreenThumbWebsites’ designs come with a standard homepage called “Home” located in the upper menu bar. This pages contains an opening text introducing the visitor to the site, and prompting them to take a look at the other pages’ contents. You can add internal or external links, contact information, or content in the sidebar that will guide your visitor to specific information about your services. Leaving the homepage a visitor perusing your website can return by simply clicking the menu link or on the site main title. The homepage is not only an opportunity to promote yourself, but the impression your visitors will take of your operation…so use it to your advantage!

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